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Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 19:21:18 EST
Subject: RE: Rhonda Azeka's Lecture

Dear Jimmy-
   I normally would not respond to such a post, but I feel I must on yours.  
The fact that Rhonda Azeka was the producer of the Beach Party for IBAC 15 is 
unarguable. A producer's role is to make sure that everything is "produced" 
to the plans submitted and is done on time. You have to be a well developed, 
highly skilled artist to be awarded a producer role for any party, let alone 
an IBAC party.  She spent 6 months preparing for that party.  Ron, Allen and 
You and all others involved did a wonderful job. All your roles there were 
very integral to pulling off such a grand event. I think we are in agreement 
on that.  Personally, I had a ball playing volleyball over your net. 
    What I take offense to is your need to publicly post a less than friendly 
attitude towards her being a guest speaker in a balloon chat that is geared 
to helping fellow balloon artists. She was not giving a lecture, she was 
volunteering (As she has at IBAC for 9 years) to spend two hours answering 
balloon related questions to balloon artists of all levels. I did attend this 
chat and found her to be very friendly and helpful to all who attended.
    She is a successful Balloon Artist who was nice enough to share her 
experiences and knowledge. This particular chat is always open to guest 
speakers, including you, who are willing to spend some time teaching others. 
     I think your post was belittling her skills and I don't think you would 
like someone doing that to you. We all work hard to be the best we can be. We 
share here on the Balloon HQ and be supportive of each other.  Without this 
list and the people I learn from.... I hate to think where I would be at 
financially and creatively. 
Your Friend-
 Joyce Stephens
Award Winning Balloon Artistry
Serving Central Pennsylvania