The Balloon Council
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 19:41:34 EST
Subject: ref: lecture email

I recently placed an e mail to the balloon decor list with no intent on being 
malicious.  The response I received from someone else in turn..well..was 
harsher than anything I have ever written.  My e mail about Rhonda Azeka's 
lecture was, so it seems, misinterpreted.  So to those who may have taken it 
in a negative context, it was not meant that way.  I wrote this person back, 
and felt compelled to include it in this letter to this list.  What follows 
is my response.
      I appreciate your taking the time to inform me of my misrepresentation 
of Rhonda Azeka.  I take it you were there at this event and learned alot.  
If this be the case, then I am glad.  Rhonda is excellent in the field of 
decor.  Perhaps what I have stated in my own blunt terms as the truth, has 
been misrepresented in it's interpretation on your part.  i did not obviously 
know of everything that She underwent with regard to this event and I 
appreciate you're taking the time to open my eyes.  I stand corrected, and I 
thank you for setting me straight.  If you reread my statement, you will 
notice that I complimented Rhonda with regard to what she did in her role in 
this endevour.  My interest, and my ONLY interest was to be sure that people 
realized that to be a "producer" didn't mean being a designer or constructor. 
 This was NOT an e mail meant to discredit her work in any way, only an e 
mail as a concern for thoses attending the event that they were aware of what 
her role there was.  It was never my intent to discredit, or disgrace, and if 
it was taken that way then I apoligize for my straight forwardness.  AS far 
as expressing it in a personal e mail to her, it was not meant as an attack, 
so I saw no need to addresse it directly to her.  It was intended for those 
who attended this lecture, who I could only reach by sending this e mail 
through the list.  
      Perhaps you are right in a sense that, if you have taken this statement 
of mine and misinterpreted it as a personal attack on Rhonda Azeka, then 
perhaps she as well has misinterpreted it as such.  It was not my intention, 
and if I have hurt anyones feelings in what I have said, then i truly 
apologize.  You have made it a point that I OWE an apology to Rhonda,  as 
well as producers everywhere.  Rhonda, if you are reading this, and if you 
have misinterpreted my statement to be one of negligence and a personal 
attack against you, then i apologize and assure you it was not meant with 
such intentions.  As far as owing an apology to "producers everywhere", I 
believe we are becoming just a tad melodramatic.  I am not about to nail 
myself to a cross over stating something that has been misinterpreted by 
others.  I'm sure at some point in your life, you have said something that 
was misunderstood, and i'm sure you felt that a polite explanation would 
straighten the matter out.  Well I feel the same.  As for my choosing to 
"enlighten", it was done with good intention and not malicious ones.  This is 
a public forum, which means if I choose to add something to this list, I am 
allowed to so long as it's balloon related, which my post was.  Again, 
though, my apologies, if you misinterpreted what I wrote as an e mail with 
good intentions for those attending a seminar, not an e mail with bad 
intentions aimed at it's teacher.  Have a good day.

Jimmy Leo - CLoud 9 Balloons