Pioneer Balloon Company - Makers of Qualatex balloons
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 20:34:06 EST
Subject: cloud 9 vs. rhonda azeka

Hi everyone.  There seems to be a little storm on the internet regarding the 
beach party.  As the designers of this event, we feel the need to put an end 
to it.
We selected a core crew to bring our dreams into a reality.  These people 
what we expected design wise and with the assistance of many IBAC delegates
and the IBAC staff, the party was a great success.  
Rhonda Azeka of Balloon Works in Arizona was an IBAC staff member who was 
assigned by Rocky Toomey to produce the Beach Party, and she was a key player 
in the event's success.  Rhonda and the two of us worked wonderfully together,
became better friends through the planning and continue that friendship. 
An event this size requires lots of teamwork and hard work.  Let's not ruin 
memories and comraderies now.

Our thanks again to everyone who helped and supported us.  See you in Vegas.

Allen Simmons, CBA and Ron Cohen
Themes & Dreams
Merrick, NY