Pioneer Balloon Company
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 21:42:57 EST
Subject: Apology to Rhonda

   Rhonda, after a conversation with some noted balloon decorators, I have 
been informed that I am indeed QUITE wrong in what I thought your task was 
with regard to the IBAC beach party.  In fact, you did MUCH more than what I 
gave credit for, and I apologize for providing what was clearly 
misinformation in a public forum.  I am sending this additional post to the 
list as well as you, because it was just made clear to me how WRONG I was.  I 
am truly sorry for misinforming, I did not mean to hurt you, though my mouth 
has a way of sometimes saying things in the wrong manner, and it appears that 
this was the case.  Again, I'm sorry.

Jimmy Leo