The Balloon Council
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 23:46:20 EST
Subject: Re: SDS

As in any other outdoor display, you can never really prepare too much (or 
charge too much)!
The outdoor SDS displays we have worked on have been secured in many 
different fashions, depending upon the venue.
On stages we will build additional support into the wall by adding more 
conduit or even black pipe (gas pipe) and securing the pipe to the bases with 
set screws, flanges or pipestands.  The bases are then "C" clamped to the 
stage or bolted.  We have actually built "jacks" that are used specifically 
for one-sided displays that use two bases per jack.
If necessary, and there is room we will also run cable supports from the 
ground up to the walls.
The more you can create a "structure," such as a box or multisided frame the 
less you need to worry about the piece falling over, just but being pushed 
along (not as bad of a problem).
If you are relying on weight alone you start dealing with mathematical 
equations regarding wind resistance, leverage, angles and what have you!  It 
is not to say that you cannot get by with only using weight, (particularly if 
you are in a protected area), it's just that the variations of weather can be 
to demanding
One thing that I highly recommend is that when you install any conduit, that 
an increment of no less than 1 ft. Be used to fasten the conduit to the 
frame.  Even though the grid is metal you still should take advantage of the 
close increments and also run the conduit the entire height of the unit.
Experience is the best teacher!
Hope this is a start!
Jim Skistimas
The Balloon House Design Studio