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Subject: Intimidating questions
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2000 00:03:45 -0500

Hi everyone,,,

Speaking of bridal shows and asking about someone else's work....I had an
experience at a bridal show a few months ago that I was caught off guard by
and I'd like some suggestions about this for next time, which is next

Here it goes,,,,,,,I'm fairly new to the decorating scene, a year now, and I
had another decorator come up to me and introduce herself, which was polite.
While she was there, catching a look at my decor, she saw some pictures on
my table and referred to one inparticularly, saying, "Oh, we just did that
at the ? hall last month!  How many balloons did you use?"  (Waiting for an
answer)  "We used almost a thousand!!!", she said.  "I guess we did
something right! (Giving herself a thumbs up gesture,,,literally)

To some this may seem like no big deal, but the way she said this, to me,
sounded like she was trying to be intimidating or something.  I've seen her
once since then and I just get the feeling she doesn't like her toes being
tramped on by my being in her territory.  I am about 25 miles away from her
but we advertise in the same papers, etc.

I have a bridal show coming up and she will be there.  I would like to know
if any of you have any suggestions regarding her questions and how to handle
situations like this.  She seems to always be full of questions and I just
don't always have the answers.

Thanks a million!
Christy Cyrus
Weddings of Elegance, Ohio