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Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2000 02:50:22 EST
Subject: Still need an IBAC roommate :-)

Hi All.

I just spoke to the Riviera Hotel today when confirming my reservation and 
found out that they are now officially sold out from the 3 through the 5th of 

I have a room confirmed and paid for from the 1 through the 5th and am 
looking for a roommate for any part of that time.  $80 per night isn't bad, 
but $40 is better.  We are in Vegas after all and those machines will be 
calling.  Also, that new product showcase does sound awfully enticing...

I am a nonsmoking female and am looking, ideally for the same to share with.  
I would consider a NICE male roommate, it is the 21st century after all :-)

Also, I will be competing for Entertainer of the Year and therefore will be 
in the busker, figure tying and non-round sculpture competitions so I give 
fair warning, I will be a bit more nervous than usual, but nothing 
unreasonable a couple thousand valium and I should be just fine. Ha Ha.

Oh, yes, I will be arriving in Vegas on February 27 and would like to help 
out with the Large Sculpture construction so if anyone needs an extra pair of 
hands feel free to let me know :-)

Thank you all.

Take care,

Tisza Major AKA Ellie The Clown (