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From: "Chris Horne" <chris-horne@lineone.net>
To: "Balloon HQ" <balloondeco@balloonhq.com>
Subject: January/February Images
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2000 09:11:34 -0000

Hi! Chris Horne here!

Regarding the query about the cake boards, The round boards available in the
US are of corrugated cardboard and are not strong enough on their own to
stand the stresses caused by stretching a balloon over them, so glue two
together with the grains running in opposite directions to make them rigid.
Alternatively, use a circle of foam core or some other rigid material.

Make sure that you use a balloon significantly larger than the board you
wish to cover. So if you wish to cover a 12" circle, use a 16" balloon. For
an 8" circle, an 11" balloon is fine.

FULLY inflate the balloon with air, but don't tie it. Lay the balloon on the
table, holding the neck out to one side. Place the cake circle on top of the
balloon, and press down on in firmly with your free hand, spreading your
fingers so that the pressure is evenly distributed over the surface of the

Release the neck of the balloon so that it deflates and continue to push
down on the board so that it is pushed into the balloon as it deflates,
finally becoming wrapped in the balloon. If you use a big enough balloon and
push hard enough this is very easy and you won't need to use the adhesive
around the edges of the board.

This technique is fully demonstrated in both my videos "Wedding workshop in
a box" and "Themes and Dreams" and I will be demonstrating it again in my
Centrepiece class at IBAC.

Try it - it's fun!!

Chris Horne,
Visit our Website at www.christopher-horne.co.uk ~ It's all new with over
140 photos!!