Coming events for balloon artists
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2000 14:26:05 EST
Subject: Bridal Shows

I thought I would add another ingredient into the bridal show  discussion 
that Christopher Horne hinted toward.  

Every one of us has our own personality, and even if you have the best 
balloon decor, all the right pictures, and everything else that should be in 
the booth, some people will not book a wedding with you.  Many times this 
comes down to nothing more than whether the bride "likes" you or not.  I have 
seen this happen with our bridal shows, where a bride comes to us, all else 
being equal, because they liked my wife Lindy,  better than another exhibitor.

The balloon market is so big and constantly expanding, that we all need to 
believe in ourselves and what we have to offer the client.  Too much worry 
about the competition may tend to hold you back.  Besides, I have always felt 
that imitation is a pretty strong form of complement, albiet a bit backhanded.

We have found that the best way to handle the bridal show competition is to 
do as Christopher suggested.  JUST BE THE BEST ! ! !  And then be yourself.  
The rewards will be more than you can believe imaginable.

Wynn and Lindy Bell, CBA's
The Final Touch
Portland, Oregon
503 579 9499