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Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2000 19:39:25 +0000
Subject: Re: Self Sealing Foils
From: "Melanie Binkley, CBA  " <applause2x@earthlink.net>
To: serendipitypartydecor@home.com, BalloonHQ <balloondeco@balloonhq.com>

 Can someone please advise what I
>am doing wrong and fast!!!!!!  Thanks all for all your help!
>Sharmaleigh  Luft
>Serendipity Party Decor
>Calgary, Canada

If you are using anything less than 18" foil it NOT self sealing.....i.e. 9"
squares for SDS grids....you gotta puff'em and seal'em but the look is worth

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Melanie Binkley, CBA
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Redondo Beach, CA, USA