Pioneer Balloon Company
Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2000 10:31:31 -0500
From: IBAC <>
Subject: Rhonda Azeka
To: Decorator List <>

I was informed of a post, "Rhonda Azekas lecture" on the balloon deco line
from Jimmy Leo, Cloud 9 Balloons, which I wanted to respond to briefly.  

First, I read the bio about Rhonda which apparently prompted this
discussion, and in no way is it "misleading" about her role with IBAC or
about her involvement in last year's Beach Party.  I found no implication
that she was going to answer questions about the design of that party, let
alone discuss specific non-round balloon techniques.  

I also wanted to clarify Rhonda's role versus the designers' role, but it
seems that some of the subscribers to the deco line have beaten me to the
punch!  I am happy to see that others recognize the huge difference between
"producers/event coordinators" and "designers/crew leaders/crew".  As
different as these roles are, the point is that they are all important, and
that everyone works together as a team to create a great event.  As Mr. Leo
said, in this case, "a magnificent one".

Rhonda has been a team player on the IBAC staff now for several years.  She
is one of the many dedicated members that I call "The A-Team" that I have
been proud to have by my side to help make IBAC the success it is.  If you
are curious about the scope of the task of being an IBAC producer, event
coordinator, event designer, or staff person, please call me anytime...when
you have about an hour to talk.

Thank you,

Rocky Toomey
IBAC Producer