Try - a new face for BHQ
Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2000 16:34:48 EST
Subject: "Never Give Up.."

Hello everyone!

Good news....last year I shared how we had provided dancefloor decor for a 
client.  The client chose to get their single balloons (helium inflated 11" 
latex) from a local party store at a cost I could never compete with.....and 
it proved that they got exactly what they paid for...remember the 
scenerio...200-300 balloons in groups of about 50 ea in a tangled mess...8-10 
people frantically trying to transport and untangle them, many were under or 
over inflated.....

This year the client has requested dancefloor decor again, along 
guessed it....200-300 single balloons (helium inflated 11" latex)....and as 
the client
put it "last year we decided to get our own balloons from our local party 
store...and that was a was so hard trying to transport those 
balloons...we've decided to purchase them from you this year"......what a 
joyous sound that was for me....I really like the idea of having all of the 
balloon work at an event be mine...I hope to get nice pictures to compare to 
those from last year.

Words of proof and wisdom....don't give up on a client who uses "the other 
guys" balloons....after the first experience....chances are they will come to 
their senses!

Happy Ballooning :-)
Benita Rountree, CBA
Balloon Spectacular, (TM) Inc.
Kansas City, Missouri