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From: "marion anderson" <>
Subject: bridal show
Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2000 17:13:14 PST

hi everyone!!  i just did a bridal show last tuesday and have to say i did 
pretty good, except for this one bride and her future mother-in-law.   they 
really loved a 3' balloon i had and they really like to go with it except 
for the price. all i kept hearing is that they would go with me if only i 
came up with a really!!!! good price and also stating that they could do 
this themselves and that the balloon is not that expensive. i thought i 
would work with them but the more i thought about what they were saying the 
more i got mad and i felt it was slap in the face.  i haven't call them yet, 
since the next day i got that nasty flu bug that was going around.  i have 
decided not to negotiate with them since it will be useless.  let them try 
to do it themselves or find someone else!!!!  just had to vent!!!!

still angry in chicago

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