The Balloon Council
Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2000 23:50:23 EST
Subject: Re: SDS

I just received this information from a decorator in NJ after they finally 
received a new shipment of SDS. 

    "I did find it difficult to order the panels."

This statement was based on information from some distributors saying that 
they either did not carry SDS anymore, or it was not in stock? 

It is so funny, in a sad way, to hear stories about distributors like that.  
Unless they have broken some kind of ties with Qualatex, THEY DON'T HAVE TO 
CARRY THE PRODUCT!  SDS can be dropped shipped (within days) for them to your 
location, they only need to take the order!  

If anyone is having problems with their distributor call us, we are licensed 
to sell SDS products and will be MORE than happy to take your order and have 
it shipped to you.

Thank you Jersey for your persistence in finding a distributor that knew 
there stuff.
(I believe you mentioned it was... ACP?)
Jim Skistimas
SDS (Skistimas Design System)
The Balloon House Design Studio