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Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2000 10:29:39 EST
Subject: Re: bridal show

Hi, Marion!
I completely understand how you feel. Even though balloon decor has been 
around for a long time, many people still do not give it the respect they 
would give to other types of decor.      
     Whenever I am in a situation where a prospective client wants a 
champagne job for a beer budget, I hold my ground. I politely explain that 
the prices that I charge reflect not only the quality of materials that I 
use, but also the quality of effort, experience,  and devotion to my craft 
that turn those materials into the decor that they want. I am very proud of 
the work that I produce, and I try to convey that to my clients. They should 
know that every event I decorate is an advertisement for my business. They 
should also know that although others may charge less, they will not get 
another decorator who will work harder to produce the very best look for 
their affair, whatever the budget! 
    I would call this woman back and discuss the decor again. If nothing else 
comes out of it, you will at least have had an exercise in sales techniques, 
and maybe get a little more of the respect you deserve! Sometimes, walking 
away from an event feels as good as decorating (and profiting from) one, but 
only if you put in the effort to determine which way to go.

-Randy Adelson,
 Special Events By Design,
 Brooklyn, NY