The Balloon Council
Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2000 23:37:26 EST
Subject: Movie Balloon Decor

A recent post suggested people mention sightings of balloon decor in movies.  
I was watching the 1942 classic "Holiday Inn" with Bing Crosby and Fred 
Astaire and noticed that balloon decor was used in the two New Year's Eve 
sequences.  The first sequence (just after "White Christmas") uses balloons 
attached to a balustrade separating the band from the dance floor.  The 
balloons are attached to the posts and form a wall of balloons.  Current 
decorators would probably use SDS or Rouse panels but the effect works well.  
There also were helium filled balloons floating from the tables.  The final 
sequence (just before the credits) briefly show some clusters of balloons 
(possibly packed similarly to spiral packed garland).  

Even though the decor was done almost 60 years ago, it looks like work being 
done today.  Does anyone out there know of any examples from any earlier 
films?  It would be nice to have a complete balloon filmography for study or 
just amusement.

George Kwain
That Card Shop
Bradley, Illinois