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Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2000 03:31:50 EST
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<< In the January/ February images there is an article  Satisfying Brides on a
 Budget by 
 Christopher Horne.  He speaks about gluing two round cake boards together
 and pushing an inflated balloon onto the board why deflating it, wrapping
 the edges under the board. 
 Question, How do you get an 11' balloon around the board. I don't
 understand the directions. Can anyone explain it a different way?  I just
 don't see it.  Thank you
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This is a technique which I believe I introduced at IBAC 1991 in Dallas (but 
I'm sure someone will correct me and say they did it first elsewhere!) where 
I made a "square" latex balloon using a sapphire blue stars-around which I 
"shrunk" around a square board to serve as the field of stars on an American 
Flag.  The technique is this:  inflate a balloon, but don't tie the neck.  
lay the balloon on a flat surface, take your insert (cakeboard, square board, 
I'll bet a square CD cover would work well, you can experiment with 
variations on this with 3-D objects - just go play!) and "thrust" the insert 
into the side of the balloon while slowly deflating the balloon.  As the 
balloon deflates it will shrink around the edges of the board and grip the 
edges.  You have to finesse this a little, but if you do it right the balloon 
will be wrapped evenly around the edges of the board and at some point will 
not deflate any more because you've sealed off the air on the other side of 
the board.  You've created a sort of dome or "half" balloon.  Geez, it's hard 
to describe, you've just got to do it.  Track me down at IBAC and I'll show 

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