The Balloon Council
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2000 22:56:44 +1100
To: Distinctive Occasions <>,
Subject: Re: Expanding our horizons

>  For instance, foamboard items that are professionally done.
> Often  I'll have an idea for something new that would be a great accent to
> what I already have sold and I don't mention it because it would need to be
> professionally lettered or maybe it needs some art work that I can't
> provide.  Some of it would be theme items but some of it is simply lettering.
> Does anyone know where something like this is done?  I
> don't know where to look for sources even.
> Wanda Urie, CBA

 G'Day From Downunder,
I'm drawing on memory here .... not at work right now.
Someone else on the list will have to fill in the missing pieces.

An excellent past instructor at IBAC. First name Jeff ???? I think it was IBAC
13 when I sat through his class??/
Taught basics for creating foamboard and polystyrene props.
Demonstrated the "Cutawl" tool.
His business is in Columbus Ohio (I think)

If you can track him down .... being a pro in that field, he is bound to be able
to recommend you to some other pro in your city or state.

Hope this twigs someones memory. Rocky Toomey or Bruce Walden are bound to know
of whom I am referring. See how beneficial attending an IBAC can be?

Good luck.
Don  Dixon CBA
Sydney  -   AUSTRALIA