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Subject: Re: Waterfalls? BIG Fantasy Flowers? Shred Garland?
Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2000 11:57:38 +1100


  Sorry I can't help out with the shred garland or fantasy flowers but the
waterfall is synch.
Try using only clear balloons and make many loosely formed garlands attached
to a rod or pole across the waterline of the waterfall. you may want to
consider a Duplet Pack or even a Tri Pack garland to 1: save balloons and 2:
to create a distinct look. Hanging them will be much the same as hanging
curtains. Personally I'd try not to make the garlands too perfect so to
create a bit of 'rough water' look. You could add a few brown balloon
underneath for a rocky edge look and even a plant growing out from a
artistic spot.
 As you get to the bottom of the falls I consider attaching clear
Link-O-Loons (if you have access to them) for they help to thin the whole
structure out and allow you to control the 'wave' look without the same
bulkiness of a spiral garland.
I'd also consider laying the L-O-Ls over the top of the falls to give the
look of water 'lapping' over the sides.

It should be fairly easy just have a tap running in the background for

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Subject: Waterfalls? BIG Fantasy Flowers? Shred Garland?and?

> Help on any or all of the following would be appreciated:
> * What's your favorite way of creating a waterfall?  (only a 10'
> ceiling - for a prom)
> * What gauge wire is required to create fantasy flowers using 3'
> balloons?  Any tips? I've never made any bigger than using a 11" balloon
> * Reference Anderson's 2000 Prom & Party, Pg. 370, "I could not ask
> for more" theme - Need suggestions on ways to create shred garland
> Thanks in advance!
>    Eventfully Yours!
>              Cheryl Rupple, CBA
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