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From: "BALLooN DECoR" <>
To: "Balloon HQ" <>
Subject: Please Help
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2000 10:27:23 +1100

I'd like to thank those who have already emailed me with their BALLOON
 As some of you might know I'm addicted to the written word and occasionally
write for trade magazines like Mark Zettler's Balloons & Parties Today or
Don Dixon's Balloons@Work. I'm collating together a feature story about the
use of balloons in movies, TV shows etc. as a reference about the use of
balloons in the media but,  I need your help.
I'm sure many of you remember where you've seen the little bouncy guys pop
up, even if it was in a local based program let me know.
I can really do with some help on this one and remember it's on going for it
will take months to collate the information so don't forget me and my quest.
I will remind you again later.

Thanks for your help you can eMail me direct if you like then when I publish
my list most of it will be a fresh news to the readers.

Not that it's such big news but,  I saw balloons in yet another Coke Advert.
today ... wow! I've lost count the number of times I've seen them in one of
their ads. Another example of how advertising companies utilise the
friendliness of balloons to instantly represent FUN.

While where on the subject ( well not really but it is a good way to talk
about something new) I'd like to mention that today the 26th of Jan. is
Australia Day and like many countries we celebrate our national day in a
very festive way. One special event is held in Sydney on the Harbour. Those
of you who know the area will remember the ferry boats chugging around from
place to place .. well traditionally they stage a race between several of
the old tubs that are usually decorated in a big way with balloons by
several of Sydney's top decorating companies. These ferries are like street
parade floats (excuse the pun) promoting a sponsor or product. My tip is
watch out for them over the next day or so during your local or
international news service. I believe CNN usually give it a good coverage.

Don't forget I need all the help I can get on this subject so If You See A
Balloon Report It Soon.

Sean O'Kelly

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