Coming events for balloon artists
Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2000 23:44:01 -0500
From: "Fresh Ideas, Inc" <>
Subject: Bold and rude

Hi all,

We worked and decorated a wedding show recently and received
several compliments from the coordinator and other vendors
for setting the tone with our decor. Overall we received
excellent leads and booked two weddings and one event. 

We had one problem that I have never run into before.
Another balloon company that was not vending at the event,
stopped by our both and started talking like they were
customers until they realized I knew them and thier
business. At that point, they started talking shop and
asking questions about our work etc. 

I don't have a problem with any of above. You learn by
asking and sharing and most people only take up a small
amount of your time, exchange cards, and start a networking

Not only did they hang around our booth, they had "thier
customer" with them who began looking through our pictures
and getting ideas. The customer proceded to inquire of the
other balloon company about doing the same work and also
boldly started asking them about pricing (outside of set
packages we do not talk pricing at shows, we book
appointments instead).

The other balloon company continued to hang around our booth
trying to sell our work to "thier customer".

We had additional customers around the both inquiring about
our work. So telling these folk to behave would have taken
our attention away from the other customers. This continued
for what seemed like forever while we attended to other
customers and effectively ignored this rude business

The phrase "God don't like ugly (behavior)" kept coming to

After continuing to be cordial with "thier customer", we
found out "thier customer" was actually referred to us by
the managers of the event and already spoke with us a week
earlier. The customer was coming to the event to see our
work and they were approached by the other company coming
into the event. 

Since we stayed cooperative, cordial, and polite during the
ordeal, "thier customer" set an appointment with us, booked,
and has since referred three other couples that have set up

By not dropping down to thier level we gained extra

Thanks gang for letting me sound off.

Calvin McMichael
Fresh Idea, Inc
Baltimore, MD