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From: "Chris Horne" <chris-horne@lineone.net>
To: "Balloon HQ" <balloondeco@balloonhq.com>
Subject: IBAC supplies
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2000 09:22:31 -0000

Dear everyone,

In my centrepiece class at IBAC I will be using Mylar tufts and I want to
use the pre-cut squares about 9" on a side. Over here we get them in packs
of 200.

I included these on my list of products to be provided by IBAC, but the
organisers don't seem to know what I am talking about or where to get them.

As I am in England, I don't know where to send them to buy these things, so
if any of you can help I'd be grateful!

Could you please tell me what these items are called in the states, and let
me know where they can be bought? I'll then pass this info on to IBAC and
the class can go ahead as planned!!

Thanks in advance,

Chris Horne,
Visit our Website at www.christopher-horne.co.uk ~ It's all new with over
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