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From: "Marsh, Steve" <>
To: "''" <>
Subject: Weights for table centerpieces
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2000 15:42:47 -0000

I am relatively new to this list so forgive me if I appear to be going over
old ground.

I have been trying different ways of making weights including water and sand
balloons. Something goes against the grain when it comes to using balloons
as weights so I have found a cheaper method which seems to work well. I also
find it a pain to put the sand into a balloon.

I use cheap plastic supermarket carryout bags but I suppose you could use
waste bin liners. Anyway this is how I do it.

I open out the carry bag so that it is now a plastic sheet. I put this over
the open end of a coffee mug and push it inside to make a well. I then put
about 3 tablespoons of sand (the cheapest) into the well and push it down.
Then I gather the plastic around the sane and twist the top to seal it. I
trim the excess plastic. 

Then I put the twisted sand bag onto about 6 inches square of cheap cooking
foil and gather the ends around it (do not twist this too much). I double a
piece of curling ribbon and tie it around the twist to form a loop. Then
trim the excess ribbon and foil.

I put the foil covered ball into a square of florawrap (cellophane) and
gather up the corners. Making sure that the loop is poking through, I split
a length of two inch ribbon into two one inch pieces and tie this around the
neck of the weight. 

I really does look quite professional, takes only a minute or two to make
and is easy to put the sane in (unlike a balloon).

I got my young son to test these by throwing them onto the patio and against
a wall. none has broken open so far.

Steve Marsh
The Balloon Experience
Wales UK