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From: "Debbie Theagene" <>
To: <>
Subject: Change of E-Mail Address
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2000 13:15:36 -0500

Hi everyone,

Please be advised of our new E-Mail address --

Since we have transferred this new address to our Outlook Program, (2 days
ago) we have not received any mail from the the old one (rohanp) above.  The
problem is presently being fixed.

 I have answered some of you privately regarding balloon sales and being a
room mate in Vagas.  If you are waiting for a reply and did not receive one,
it's because I did not receive your E-mail either.

Am asking if the list managers can forward any listings we might have missed
on 1-25-00 and to please direct all future E-mail to the new one listed.

 Again, thanks for your cooperation.

Debbie Theagene
The Party Palace
Bklyn, NY

P.S. :  If any one still need a room mate (female) :), please let me know.