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Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2000 12:15:07 -0800
From: Debra Johnson <>
To: Larry <>
Subject: taking pictures at bridal fair

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Hi everyone
I have been struggling with the problem with someone taking pictures of
your work.  I think the problem comes from this (I could be wrong but
this is the impression) Everywhere I have gone whether it be at IBAC or
our QBN chapter we have been able to take pictures of other businsesses
work.  Whether we were in their class (IBAC) or not and when we have our
meetings (QBN network), other business bring in work they have made and
we take pictures.
With Linda taking the time to talk with her I'm sure the person asking
really didn't see
anything wrong with asking and she probably wasn't trying to be rude.  I
that because we have been able to take pictures at other places it would
be ok.
Again, I am assuming a lot and wasn't there so I am guessing.  It seems
over the net, IBAC and our network meetings are willing to share
encouraging us to help each other.  Sometimes people have different
rules and
it's hard to understand when businesses get protective of their work.  I
this makes since and maybe explains about the misconception.
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