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From: "Chris Horne" <>
To: "Balloon HQ" <>
Subject: 2nd Deliveries
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2000 20:44:21 -0000

I've been a florist for longer than I care to think ( 20 years) and this has
always been a problem. As a member of the teleflorist relay network, I
suggest you consider their recommendations.

The person who ordered the bouquet in the first place pays for delivery in
the first instance. If the recipient is out, you should leave it in a safe
place (i.e. with neighbours) and put a card through the door of the
recipient to tell them when you called and where the delivery has been left.

If you can't leave it safely, you should take the bouquet back to your shop,
leaving a card saying that the item has been returned to the shop and asking
the recipient to telephone you. You offer the recipient a choice. They
either come to the shop to collect the item, or they pay you to make the 2nd

That's what teleflorist recommend, and it worked fine. However, as with all
rules, sometimes they don't seem to fit, like when the recipient is a really
old person who was taken to the chemist for medication by her daughter
....... on occasions it's a good idea just to smilingly make the 2nd
delivery for free.

Chris Horne,
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