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Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2000 15:26:39 +0000
Subject: Re: pig & cow mylars
From: "Melanie Binkley, CBA  " <>
To: Alan B Johnson <>,

>I hava a customer who is looking for a pig and a cow mylar for his chili
>cookoff booth.  I told him I did'nt know of any but would check with the
>World balloon community and see if I could come up with anything.
>anyone know of any of these anywhere in the world?

>Alan B. Johnson

Nope don't know of any but why not just build him a cow or a pig?

Better yet here's what we do for our Chili Cook-Off clients out here.....

Giant Cactus with all kinds of trim/props with balloon sage brush usually
holding a balloon bouquet of Red Hot Chili Pepper Balloons with the Red
Chili Pepper "You are So Hot" Balloons mixed's always a big hit
for us!

We Keep'Em Flyin'High!
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Melanie Binkley, CBA
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Balloon Decor & Event Design
Redondo Beach, CA, USA