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From: "Dave Weiss & Mike Cavataio" <airheadsballoons@hotmail.com>
To: balloondeco@balloonhq.com
Subject: Balloons on TV
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2000 18:44:09 EST

Hi Everyone,
Sean O'Kelly inquired about balloons showing up in the media.  There was a 
skit yesterday on the show "Upright Citizens Brigade" (comedy channel in 
Pittsburgh, PA, USA) where a patient comes to a doctor (who is dressed like 
a red cat) complaining about severe intestinal problems.  The cat/doctor 
responds by saying he needs a "balloon colon" and proceeds to hand the 
patient an orange 260 that he is bending to look like a "colon"
That's all I got.  Take care & hope to see some of you at T&S2K!!!

Fun & Laughter,

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