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Subject: Re: pig & cow mylars
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2000 23:30:28 +1100

 I've got three little foil (helium) pigs from Anagram. Sorry I'm so far
Lucky for me I have a client who wants them for a bouquet delivery next
week. Personal joke with his girlfriend I believe.

They are a little old and I can't see them in the 'BOOK' so you may have to
look under the shelf.

They do have a Pigs head of Babe Piggy in the City, who I might add fried
his bacon here in Australia.

Another little tit-bit  is a Sydney Party/Balloon business called The Party
People run by Father/Daughter of Peter Nikolas and Marla Salakas did the
awsome balloon drop in the film. I believe it was a gig of 3 drops each of
10,000 fresh balloons which ended up being such a shot segment in the movie.
A grand effort by Party Pete the Balloon Animal.

Good Luck
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