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Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2000 09:04:38 -0500
From: Daryl Baldwin <>
Subject: Re: Costume Deliveries -- Tips for you!

Hello Bobbie,

On the phone, offer three hot items that you can get in the door within three
price ranges. remind them to have camera ready

Acquire some props and tricks that you can perform while suited and can carry in
a bag on your wrist or shoulder.

Make each delivery a mini entertaining show. (5-10 min!) Leave them wanting more
with a finale w/good response.

Wear accessories that stand out: umbrella or Hawaiian shirt, sun glasses, etc...,

Make sure you can be heard (use microphone when avail.)  A mic. fits in the mouth
of mine no/hands!

Sit the guest of honor in an audience vs. stage arrangement if possible. Even in
a kitchen or other.

Do the routine and exit without revealing any interior  human look until outside
or away from all except customer.

I appear at the door w/bouquet and bag of tricks and get a clue as to what she is
wearing on my way in. (Hard to see except right in front of you sometimes)
isolate him/her in a chair and throw kisses and shake hands while the camera
flashes blind us. Then, before I push the balloons aside I recite a poem
pertaining to the guests' event! Next I do few tricks with a good finale' and
pose on their lap or with a kneel. All this takes 10 minutes and I am gone!

I learned all my scripts from a Balloon decorating book I got in 1989 from
N.A.B.A. I attached copies of the scripts to the back of the card and read them
for a few months until I knew them all. (Nobody can tell where you are looking
when you are a gorilla w/glasses) The guest gets a copy of the poem this way

To see my gorilla click on gorilla grams at the web site listed in the signature
below. To see a few other popular costumes click on characters at the bottom
after viewing gorilla grams page. Thumbnails enlarge w/click.

Hope this helps,
                            Daryl wrote:

> Hi...........Do any of you do costume deliveries?  "I WANT OURS TO BE SPECIAL"
> so if you have
> any special idea's or tricks please e-mail me.
> Thanks
> Bobbie
> Creative World  MA


N.A.B.A. Certified Master Balloon Artist Daryl Baldwin
Wizzie the Magic Clown and Balloon Extravaganza's   Gloversville, NY