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Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2000 11:36:03 +0000
Subject: Sitings...
From: "Melanie Binkley, CBA  " <>
To: Balloondeco <>

Alrighty Sean-o!

On the one evening that I quite work early (ha!) and was so tired I was
willing to watch just about anything on the telly ( a real stretch for moi!)
here were my sightings all on one station in roughly a 3 hour period.  And
it must have been one of those things meant to be because I so don't watch
the adverts...won't even listen to'em  mute! mute! mute!

1) Alaska Airlines -- retro commercial of boy in junior high school hippie
dude awkwardly dancing later to become a guy who flags the planes----lots of
random bouquets....

2) Nike -- Advert placed on a cruise ship----lots of classic decor columns
arches etc.

3) American Express -- Seinfield hosted advert with drops and confetti.....

4) Spin City -- campaign scene, red, whit, blue

We Keep'Em Flyin'High!
o~  o~
Melanie Binkley, CBA
Applause! Applause!
Balloon Decor & Event Design
Redondo Beach, CA, USA