Coming events for balloon artists
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2000 14:30:38 EST
Subject: Re: Weddings w/ Style Magazine

Weddings with Style has been trying very hard to present wedding decor from 
the balloon artist's viewpoint.  Lanette, the editor, has been trying to show 
how other types of decor can be integrated into/with balloon decor.  

There are always flowers at weddings.  Many times, there is a lot of tulle 
and chiffon cloth used.   Why not integrate these other decorating materials 
into the balloon decor that we are all trying to sell to brides and grooms.  
The effect can many times be absolutley stunning.  

Being an independent publication, they have been able to display all types of 
wedding decor, much of it with balloons as the main ingredient.  But they 
have also been able to show ways for anyone decorating weddings to integrate 
other materials into their designs.  This can be very helpful to a balloon 
artist having problems selling "only" balloons to a bride.  Why not add some 
tulle, or work with the florist on the decor?  

We have always felt privilaged to have been included as contributors to this 
wonderful publication.  YES ! ! !   Weddings with Style is worth your time 
and effort.  They are currently offering back issue packages.  It would be 
well worth your while to pick up as many issues as you can get.  

Contact:  Lannette Rajski, CBA at  She had a post 
here just 2-3 days ago.  Don't miss out on her offer!!!

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The Final Touch
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