The Balloon Council
Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2000 11:37:38 +1100
Subject: Re: Weddings w/ Style Magazine
From: "DON DIXON" <>
To:, Balloon Headquarters <>

>I have never seen the Weddings w/ Style magazine before.  Could some of you 
>that have give me your opinion.  Is it worth the $, and is it about balloon 

G'Day from Downunder,
WWS mag ....... invaluable! We love it!
We will be the first international subscription  for the proposed new annual bumper
On the topic of trade mags ....
Really, if a balloon business can't pick up a tip, piece of advice, a new product or even
a creative idea that isn't worth $100 to your business ...... you didn't read it
thoroughly. We believe every trade magazine or newsletter we aquire each month earns us
$$$$ far in excess of the subscription price.

Lindy Bell CBA once said in her centerpiece class, " Creativity is defined as; one's
ability to conceal one's source." So ..... the more trade mags ..... the better your
staff's "creativity". And THAT is what the customer should be paying for.

Don't forget to subscribe to "Balloons & Parties" mag in the USA and if in Europe ...
"PartyTimes" magazine out of London.
Don & Dolly Dixon  CBAs
Business of Balloons Pty Ltd