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Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2000 20:49:06 EST
Subject: walk-thru heart frame

I have a couple of questions regarding the walk-thru heart frame.  I have 
been in the garage bending conduit most of the day trying to follow Wynn's 
I am a little confused about the two 5' sections of 1/2" conduit.  Where do 
you put that?  
Also, do you wrap the conduit with electrical tape or leave the conduit bare?
One last quesion.  Is it easier to use 5, 9 or 11" balloons on these.  Or 
does it matter?  I am hoping 11" will work because I already have these in 
the right colors.

I searched the archives, I found the answers to all my questions except for 
Any input would be appreciated.

Lynn Sanchez
Bobbi's Balloons
Charlotte, NC