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From: "Alotta Fun 4u2 Entertainment and Event Planning" <>
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Subject: balloons for TV
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2000 19:00:47 -0600

Help!  I am in desperate need of some QUICK ASSISTANCE!!

   Just got a phone call from the local CBS affiliate. They requested for my
business to be to be taped for  their area home businesses feature
TOMMORROW.   It seems they had someone cancel last minute.
   They don't charge for the 1 minute spot to be aired on the morning show.
So this is an excellent chance for me to expose my business.  I just moved
to the area too!  So you can imagine my excitement!
   I need to create something that doesn't take up much space but makes a
BIG Statement!   The other draw back is that since I just moved to the area
my inventory is very low!
  I relize that I have some things going against me and don't know what to
do except take pictures in.
     You mail email me or send to the list