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Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2000 23:02:17 -0800
From: Mark Balzer <>
Subject: Re: Costume Deliveries

>Do any of you do costume deliveries?  We have a gorilla costume and
>looking for other costume idea's and scripts.  I have only seen a couple
>gorilla deliveries over the years and they weren't anything special.
>If we are going to do costume deliveries "I WANT OURS TO BE SPECIAL"
>so if you have any special idea's or tricks please e-mail me.

Actually, if you have any special ideas or tricks please post them to the
balloondeco mailing list, so I will see them.  That way they will be added
to the "Surprise Deliveries," "Character Deliveries" and "Singing
Telegrams" sections of the "Balloon deliveries" chapter of the Guide to
Balloons and Ballooning.

Thank you,


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