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From: "Michele Mitten" <>
To: <>
Subject: Corporate Decor
Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2000 13:54:24 -0000

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I wonder whether anyone can help with some desperately needed inspiration. 

I have been doing the balloon decor for a pet food company at an annual
national cat show for a few years now. The first couple of years I made the
company logo using the SDS panels as the stand's backdrop. I also made
arches and large bunches of balloons to gain height.

The following year I used a underwater/sea theme to promote teh company's
use of high quality, tuna-friendly fish/tuna. 

Last year was their 25th anniversary, so we made use of that theme.

I'm starting to get a little stuck for inspiration. I was thinking of
creating  hot air balloons holding very large "cans of food" at their base.
This is where I need your help. . . . 

a. I have no idea how to go about planning what size balloon to use to hold
the "can" up. I have to set-up on teh Friday and teh show is all day
Saturday. I also am not too sure how to create the can. The company will
provide a banner, but I don;t know what weight I should be looking at, and I
also don;t know how to create teh base of teh can.

b. Is teh above viable, or should I think elsewhere?

c. Any other ideas

Thanks in advance from a desperate woman.

Michele Mitten
London, UK