Pioneer Balloon Company
Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2000 13:57:55 EST
Subject: HomeBased/Store Front

Hi all:

I know in the past that this issue of homebased verses store front has been 
discussed!  But I would love to here from all of  you that has made the jump 
from home-based to store-front.  What are the first few steps you should 
take?  How much stock should you have on hand?  Are there loans for Women 
starting out in business?  I have been doing balloons from home about 2 1/2 
yrs and it's slowing down since I move to a new lo-cal.  Weather you 
home-front or store-front, I found that LOCATION! LOCATION! LOCATION  well 
make or break your biz...  My move is doing just that and since I can't buy a 
new home again.   I thought that making the move to store- front, which I was 
going to do in 2 yrs anyway would work for me now???  Any advice?????
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