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Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2000 16:31:09 -0600
From: Margie Padgitt <>
Subject: Re: Marketing Ideas

> Regarding Marketing Ideas:

In my 19 years experience in the industry, the very best advertising is word of mouth or referral.  The second best is networking (as in Chamber of Commerce, Convention and Visitors Bureau, and smaller networking clubs).  And the third is (no, NOT the Yellow Pages), the
Internet.  Yellow Pages is now Fourth for me.

I started a website five years ago, and at that time there were very few people using the internet and we didn't get much response. But all that has changed!  I started out marketing my giant advertising balloons thinking that I would get most of our orders from around
the world.  In fact, I got most of my responses from LOCAL brides and event planners for decorating jobs!  It is still that way, even though I am no longer a decorator and do seminars and consulting.  I saw the potential in the internet from the response we got with our
balloon business and decided to really learn it, which led to us starting a web design business a year ago and now can hardly keep up.  I highly recommend that you utilize this marketing venue to the fullest.  If you would like to get more information visit our website
at, or e-mail me privately. Or talk to another web designer who also knows how to publish your site on the right search engines (or learn this yourself). The extra time it will take to do this is very much worth it!

I recommend that ALL businesses use the internet to its fullest potential.  As a balloon decorator, you can list your site on several sites like, Balloon HQ, EventPros Online, and many more specialty sites.  Also list on your local chamber and
convention sites.  Then, when a planner is looking for someone in your area, (which by the way, I know well, and the market is keen to be tapped there!) they will find YOU.  Remember that event planners and corporations are probably all using the internet, which saves
them a lot of time searching for contractors.

Hope this helps,

Margie Padgitt, CBA
M. Padgitt & Associates Seminars
Kansas City, MO