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Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2000 11:15:52 +1100
Subject: Re: HomeBased/Store Front
From: "DON DIXON" <>

I have been doing balloons from home about 2 1/2 
>yrs and it's slowing down since I move to a new lo-cal.  Weather you 
>home-front or store-front, I found that LOCATION! LOCATION! LOCATION  well 
>make or break your biz...  My move is doing just that and since I can't buy a 
>new home again.   I thought that making the move to store- front, which I was 
>going to do in 2 yrs anyway would work for me now???  Any advice?????
>Lisa's crystal Air Balloons & Baskets

G'Day from Downunder,
It is great to read how you are proposing to make the move from home based to commercial
You are obviously an enterprising person. May I suggest one important piece of homework
you should do first? 

You seem to be convinced that your homebased business is suffering because of your recent
move? You mention "location, location, location". Well, that may be the case? I emphasize
Can I suggest that before you make the traumatic and expensive leap to stock and run a
commercial premises balloon business, research the follwing;

1) Could it be that business is dwindling because you now have stronger competitors? Do a
S.W.O.T. annalysis on their business and on yours. List all their STRENGTHS, WEAKNESSES,
OPPORTUNITIES and THREATS. Compare these to your business SWOT.
2) Could it be that the designs you are producing have become "ho-hum" and you need to
inject some fresh design and new life into your balloon creations?
3) Do you have a web site? Are customers in your new locality shopping on the internet for
balloon deliveries? A web site could be a less expensive interim measure?
4) Could it be that you just need to find a better way of having those customers FIND YOU?
Let's face it..... they'll find you if you give them a good enough reason. Right?

The last thing I want to do is dull your enthusiasm. I admire your courage and
determination to get back on top. But ..... I'd hate to think you made the move if it
wasn't really necessary. We have commercial premises and (yes) location is a HUGE
advantage. But, I have scores of balloon people come to our Balloon School classe who are
VERY successful working from a home based business. Many home based businesses within our 
precinct make a comfortable living dispite having to compete with Dolly's high exposure
Make the move for the RIGHT reasons!

Good Luck! 

Don  Dixon  CBA
Business of Balloons Pty Ltd