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Subject: $.05 for email doesn't sound good
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To: Rod Minarik <MASTAR_Rod@compuserve.com>
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Subject: Re: thought you be interestedgood
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>Subject:    US Legislation, E mail charge
> Please Read - Very important
>    5 cent e-mail
>    Senate Bill 602p
>    Senate Bill 602p is in congress now to start charging up to 5 cents
per e-mail. Please read the following carefully if you intend to stayonline
and continue using email:

Boy am I glad I'm in Canada. The CRTC, the people who regulate broadcasting
and the internet have deceided they will not get involved in Internet

Before you folks get too excited, check who is sponsoring the bill.  In
your country any elected rep can put a bill on the floor, that doesnt mean
that it has government support.  Internet users are voters and considering
the snails pace your Congress runs at it should be about November when it
hits the public fan.  There  will be a change of government and it will
die.  Consider e-mail users are voters and contributors.  I just can't see
Congressman Doe
getting people mad at him at election time.

It won't happen and if it does I'll bet it'll be vetoed.

IMHO,  Steve Lenaghan.

Steve Lenaghan, Manager

Southwest Telephone,
315 Tenth Street
Brandon, Manitoba, R7A 4E9


e-mail southwest_telephone@mail.com