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Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2000 19:17:30 EST
Subject: Re: BSA 260's!!

Hi Chris, and everyone else at BalloonHQ!
Sadly, I must report that BSA is discontinuing ALL 260's! They are also 
discontinuing all 30" and 36" rounds as well! When I found this out, I was 
shocked and dismayed. After all, Qualatex stated that BSA would remain as a 
separate company now that Qualatex has purchased National Latex. Clearly this 
will not be the case. You cannot expect BSA to remain viable with such 
essential portions of it's product line missing. How can we continue to use 
BSA balloons without being able to coordinate the larger sizes with the 11"? 
I am very sad to see this happen, because it clearly is the death knell of a 
great balloon company. When I started as a decorator, back in 1983, Qualatex 
was all that I knew! When I saw  the other brands available at the time, I 
quickly recognized Qualatex as a superior balloon; the only choice for a 
professional decorator! But over the many years I have been in the industry, 
several other competitors have given Qualatex a run for their money.            
                When I first used BSA latex a few years ago, I was truly 
impressed. The size and shape of their balloons was, in my opinion, SUPERIOR 
to Qualatex! And for a lower price, as well! I don't want this to be a 
Qualatex bashing session. Qualatex still produces an excellent balloon; one 
of the finest made! I find many of their colors to be preferable to BSA's. 
Additionally, the quality of their imprinting is excellent. It is my belief 
that Qualatex is doing itself a disservice by decimating the BSA line and 
forcing customers to turn away from the balloons they want and need.
                            BSA and Qualatex are not the only two 
manufacturers of decorator quality balloons out there. Belbal, CTI, Tilly, 
Granger, and others all produce latex balloons for the decorator market. It 
seems that by phasing out BSA, Qualatex is letting a portion of it's own 
potential market slip away. Qualatex has  been, hands down, the most 
important part of the balloon industry in so many ways. From IBAC to Balloon 
Images to the very balloons themselves, it has forever shaped the industry as 
we know it. I don't expect my words to carry much weight. If they did, BSA 
and Qualatex would coexist, intact, as separate entities.  I don't pretend to 
know the intricacies of big business and manufacturing, but I do know what I 
like. I would love to know what the rest of you think

- Randy Adelson,
Special Events By Design,
Brooklyn, NY