Balloon Wholesalers International
Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2000 19:46:38 EST
Subject: help with different brands of balloons

i recently pick up a car dealership as a client and have since started 
noticing decor more, done at other dealerships. i have noticed that the 
balloons used are not qualatex. please don't flame me as i am only trying to 
service my customer to the best of my efforts. i like some of the colors i 
have seen ( not in the qualatex line) and these balloons hold up outside for 
days quite well, even in the rain and wind.  the sizes appear to be 16" or 
18"  and 36" but not qualatex colors. if you have any information on the 
balloons you use for your dealerships you can pass on, could you please email 
me with sources either online or privately. thanks, cherry