Continental Sales
From: "Dave Weiss & Mike Cavataio" <>
Subject: RE: Ethical Discussion
Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2000 00:30:50 EST

Hi Gang,
I don’t really believe in airing my dirty laundry in public, but since Mike 
Evans has recently posted slanderous accusations that all but say my 
company’s name, I feel I must respond, as there are always two sides to 
every story.

First, introductions:  I am David Weiss.  I am a twister and balloon 
professional in Pittsburgh, PA, USA with over seven years experience.  I am 
the past owner of A&D Party Performers, a costumed entertainment company.  
My partner is Michael Cavataio.  Michael (please do not confuse him with the 
aforementioned person) is a professional clown and twister with over eleven 
years experience.  We have worked together and been friends for years and 
within the last year have joined to form Airheads Balloon Art, a company of 
ballon twisters, decorators, clowns and body artists.

I believe posting accusations to this forum is unprofessional, malicious, 
and in this case, ultimately self-serving.   I will respond to this type of 
attack once, and ask the any future tirades be handled person to person in a 
professional manner.

First Accusation:
In regards to the restaurant in which Mr. Evans believes was stolen from him 
– The General Manager of the restaurant (not a new GM) contacted my partner 
(then an owner of his own business-Mike’s Balloon Art) AFTER he was no 
longer twisting there.(this was in Dec. of 1998.) The GM said that he and 
his guests had enjoyed Mike Cavataio’s balloons and rapport with the 
customers for approximately one and a half years and would rather employ him 
than Mr. Evans.  He accepted the position and they are currently still happy 
with our service to this day.

Second Accusation:
We were contacted by the general manager of a restaurant that some of Mr. 
Evans’ people or perhaps he himself performed at.  THEY CONTACTED US (in 
April of 1999)…WE DID NOT CONTACT THEM.  The GM explained that he was 
unhappy with his service, Mr. Evans was difficult to work with, sent in 
unskilled (the GM’s words not ours) twisters, and did not return calls.  We 
met with the GM, negotiated a price that was actually higher than what Mr. 
Evans was charging (Not lower), and have had a great relationship since.

Following Mr. Evans being replaced at this restaurant, the GM received 
numerous telephone calls asking if “Mike the Balloon Guy” was performing.  
When the restaurant staff replied “no” they said they were taking their 
business elsewhere.  Mr. Evans forgot that restaurant could use the *69 
reverse call id.  It turns out that all the upset “customers” were calling 
from his residence.

Third Accusation:
Mailing anonymous letters of a slanderous nature.  We have nothing to do 
with this.  We do not condone this unprofessional behavior, and fully 
support Mr. Evans is contacting postal/federal authorities to investigate 
the situation.

In the future I suggest Mr. Evans get his facts straight before posting such 
slanderous statements to a global forum.

There is enough business for everyone, and when asked if we know Mr. Evans, 
we have responded professionally by positively acknowleging his talent and 
have not referred to him as our “trainee” as he has done of us.  We hold 
ourselves to the highest business ethics, have 100% customer satisfaction 
and strive to maintain not only a open professional relationship with other 
entertainers, performers and decorators, but a friendly one as well.

I again apologize to Balloon HQ for this “dirty laundry” post, it shall be 
our last of such nature.  Both Mike, our spouses, and I look forward to 
meeting all of you at Twist & Shout 2000, and finally putting faces to the 
names and posts.

Fun & Laugher as always,

David Weiss
Airheads Balloon Art
Pittsburgh, PA, USA

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