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From: "Dave Weiss & Mike Cavataio" <>
Subject: RE: Fed/Ex in OZ
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2000 08:34:57 EST

Hi Gang,
As cute, & I'm sure not ill intended, as it was, the Superbowl FedEx 
commercial didn't do anything useful regarding the dangers of inhaling 
helium.  I doubt that the situation being brought to their attention would 
promt a response from them.  We all know that inhaling helium is a danger, 
but does anyone out there know the extent of the danger, the hows & whys?  
Anything from the AMA or or other reputable medical literature.  I would 
like to have a copy in case I am ever questioned by kids, parents, etc.

Fun & Laughter,
Dave Weiss

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