Pioneer Balloon Company
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2000 10:15:35 -0500 (EST)
From: Sheena Beaverson <>
Subject: RE: Roses from Balloons

Last year at Twist and Shout, there was a twister making rose buds
from 260s that looked wonderful.  I don't recall a photo being sent in
by anyone attending... can any twister help the deco list out by 
providing the name of the artist, or a picture of one of the rose buds?
These were 2-balloon sculptures that had part of a red balloon made in to
a tulip twist (the bud) and a partially inflated green 260 that was
twisted near the nozzle (to support the bud) and in the middle (to form

Also, check out the Sculptures in Messages section of the Guide to
Balloons and ballooning (flower category) for some multi-balloon rose
ideas).  Also, check out the photo section of BHQ to get step-by-step
photo instructions of how to make Lorna's Rose (Multi-Balloon Sculptures-1)


Sheena Beaverson