Pioneer Balloon Company
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2000 21:16:04 EST
Subject: Re: Fed/Ex in OZ

Hiya, Dave!
    As I understand it, helium enters your bloodstream through your lungs. 
Once there, it bonds with your hemoglobin instead of the oxygen which is 
supposed to be there.Naturally, this really ticks off the oxygen! But  I 
digress. In this way, the helium actually deprives you of oxygen and can 
cause dizziness, loss of consciousness, or a career in politics. In your 
weakened state, you could lose your balance and fall, injuring yourself  or 
others. I have seen this happen. It's scary! 
    Another way that helium can be dangerous is if somebody were actually to 
try to breathe helium directly from the tank. This could instantly freeze 
your trachea and/or explode your lungs. I hope that if there are people on 
the list with some educational materials on this dangerous practice, they 
will share it with us all. I shudder to think what would become of us if I 
was the only voice of reason ;-)~

- Randy Adelson,
Special Events By Design,
Brooklyn, NY