Pioneer Balloon Company
Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2000 19:40:46 EST
Subject: Street Fairs

Hello everyone...thanks for your many helpful replies regarding disposable 
Next question: we have an opportunity to participate in a local 4 day 
community street fair...carnival, arts/crafts, entertainment, vendors, food 
booths, etc.  This is not something we generally do but it could be a good 
opportunity to get our company better known in the community and the fair 
people are asking if we want to sell balloons.  Question:  what do you all 
think would be "sure winners" with families, kids...Pokemon mylars, I'm 
sure....any other "sure winners" ....and "quick and easy" that you could 
Thanks...the fair, by the way, is in 2 weeks so we need to figure out what 
and how we're going to do it real fast.  (what else is new??)
Carolyn McDonald, CBA
Butterflight Balloons
Peoria, Az