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From: "Stoneking, Richard ET2" <>
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Subject: RE: balloondeco-d Digest V00 #32
Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2000 02:38:33 -0800 

A couple years back I was clowning, they had a helium tank and one thing led
to another.  I had become the proud owner of a three foot  helium balloon.
I was talking to folks they thought it was funny.  When we left to go back
to this ship (I am in the navy) There was an officer coming, so I I started
breathing the forbidden gas, so I could talk funny to him.  When he
approached I looked at him and said "present arms!" then held out my arms.
The next thing I remembered was I am cold I have a little headache and why
does the world seem side ways.  I shut my eyes.  A few moments latter I
opened my eye and realized I was lying in a puddle of water with a little
headache.  The fellow with me said I fell to one knee, Struggled to get up
and take a step only to fall to the other knee.  Eventually I just passed
out.  The officer yelled "hey that man needs help!" (jestfully) the crowd
laughed the fellow with me was rapidly trying to recall for his CPR
training.  A couple of seconds of no breathing and no movement I started to
come to.

I was then tasked with being the safety clown of our troupe!
A little helium is ok
A medium is real fun
A lot is your on the ground in a puddle of water

please be careful with helium.