Coming events for balloon artists
Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2000 09:29:46 EST
Subject: Re: balloondeco-d Digest V00 #29

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 Hi everyone again, sorry two in a row.
 My booth is 10x10 is this big enough for a canopy?  The ceiling is about
 25ft but do you think this will look ok? >>

Yes, your booth is definitely large enough to "highlight" a balloon canopy.  
Be sure to determine if helium is allowed in the bridal fair venue.  We had 
to change our design at the "eleventh hour" because we didn't realize helium 
was not allowed in the convention center.    Do a great job....use an 
exciting color...and sell, sell, sell
Have A Grand Day,
A.G. Lacy
APTE! Special Events
Stafford, TX